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We are the premier tour operator in American Samoa.  To ensure you make the most of your time while here, book with the best!

In addition to our standard tours, we can tailor a tour to meet your specific needs. We also can arrange for excursions to Independent Samoa!

Manu'a is awaiting your visit.  Manu'a is one of the most remote places in all of the United States and the birthplace of Polynesia.

Our team consists of tour guides who love our islands and want nothing more than for you to love our island too!  And more often than not you will be accompanied by our owners Mike & Paula!


​​"On behalf of NPCA, Andrew and the rest of the PII staff, I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your coordination efforts to assist our group with...well...pretty much everything!!!  From food, to transportation to being our subject matter expert tour guide and everything in between, we thank you! You have done so much to assist and support us with the logistics in American Samoa. You allowed our participants to have an unforgettable and unique experience that not many others get." 

-Taylor Auyoung

Pacific Island Institute

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