Cruise Ship Tour Schedule

We are constatnly checking on cruise ship arrival dates.  If your ship is not here, let us know and we'll add it to our list! Email us at  The list of current arrivals is listed below.

Note to customers:  As of February 22, 2021, our borders remain closed due to the threat of COVID-19.  We will continue to update our cruise ship schedule as we receive info.  If your cruise is not listed but appears on your itinerary, please email us at If you would like to reserve a tour, email us however we are not accepting payments for reservations as conditions are subject to change due to the ongoing global pandemic. Thank you for your understanding and we do really hope to see you all soon!!!

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Aiga Bus Scenic Tour

This tour is PERFECT for our Cruise Ship visitors! We begin up the historic Tramway site, then into Pago Pago for a quick stop at the National Park Visitor's Center.  We then proceed up and over the Afono Pass for an up close look at Rainmaker Mountain and a breathtaking view of Pago Pago harbor.  We'll then descend into the National Park to see the awesome Pola Island.  We visit the Flower Pot Rock and finish up at our facility on Utulei beach with  complimentary local food & refreshments and WiFi!!

Tour Cost USD $40 per person - Tour Length 3 hours.     email to request a booking!

"Lovely, lovely people. The tour took us up the mountain and stopped off at several local beauty spots to take photos. We then went down to the beach for more photos and finally to the shop for some authentic Samoan snacks which were absolutely lovely (especially the breadfruit chips!) Our tour guides were an absolute delight to be around and were also knowledgeable and helpful. They persevered with their efforts to teach us some Samoan words, even though most of us we so old we couldn’t remember much of it, but they spent whole day with smiles on their faces. We would recommend these guys to anyone visiting Pago Pago and when they say they are the best, they very probably are! Faafetai!" -Craig Ward

New Tour for Curise Ship Visitors!

The Aunu'u Island Cultural Excursion is our newest tour for our cruise ship visitors!  This exclusive tour is only offered through our site for cruis ship visitors and will surely be an experience you won't soon forget!  After departing the Port, you will take a guided tour in an Aiga Bus through the beautiful Eastern District of Tutuila to the village of Auasi.  You'll then board a ferry and take a 10 minute ride over to the island of Aunu'u, which was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1972 (one of seven in American Samoa).  You will be received by the villagers of Aunu'u in grand style and as is tradition, will participate in an authentic ava ceremony.  You will then be immersed into fa'asamoa (the Samoan way of life) through cultural demonstrations and have a chance to get some hands-on  experience too!  You'll then have an opportunity to take short guided hikes to tide pools, fresh water wells, the world-famous Aunu'u taro plantations, and listen to the legends of the village as told by the locals.  Authentic Samoan lunch and entertainment will be provided and once it is all done, we will say our good byes and bring you back to the ship.  Tour cost USD $95 per person  - Tour Length:  5.5 Hours.    email to request a booking!

Custom Private Tours

Are you considering a trip to American Samoa but don't know where to start?  Look no more!

We specialize in taking care of everything you could possibly need while here.  The tourism infrastructure in American Samoa is still in development, which means finding information and resources to make your trip happen is really hard to come by.  However, that also means our island is still very raw, and not commercialized which makes for a very unique and memorable experience.

Having our local guides (also our owners!) act as your guide while here will take you to all of the places you want to see PLUS many of the other cool spots that many of the locals are unaware of!  Time and again we hear our customers say at the end of their time here say they are glad they hired us because they end up seeing first hand how difficult it would have been otherwise. You can take a chance and go at it alone, but if you truly want to experience American Samoa and make the most of your long trip down here, there is no other choice but to go with the BEST! 


If the purpose of your trip is to see the National Park of American Samoa, then you are exactly where you need to be.  We specialize in getting you into every part of the Park, from beautiful Ofu Beach in Manu'a to the summit atop Mt. Alava!  We work hand in hand with the NPS team and have all the info you need to make your trip here worth every penny spent and every mile traveled!  But while here, we will also make sure that you experience everything we have to offer that exists outside of the Park too.  This is indeed America's South Pacific Paradise so take it all in while you can!

Contact us at to begin planning your trip today!


American Samoa became a critical staging ground for the United States during WWII and after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the island was never the same.  The U.S. marines arrived in droves and transformed American Samoa into a defensive position for the U.S., a training and staging ground for Guadalcanal, and ultimately was preparing for a Japanese invasion.  Take a tour of many of the remnants of WWII and hear the stories of how this war changed the course of history of our small island nation along with the rest of the modern world.

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Below you will find a selection of things to do and see while in American Samoa.  We customize our tour offerings based on what you are interested in.  Tell us what interests you and we will develop an itinerary for your review. If you don't see something you would like to see, let us know!  For more information and pricing, email us at today!

Samoan Village Excursion
The most beautiful part of American Samoa are the people & culture. With traditions dating back thousands of years, the Samoan way of life, or "Fa'asamoa", is alive and well. Take an up close look into the Samoan culture with this one of a kind excursion into an authentic Samoan experience!
Aiga Bus Scenic Tour
This tour is PERFECT for our Cruise Ship visitors! It takes you up to the historic Tramway site, then into Pago Pago for a quick stop at the National Park Visitor's Center. We then proceed up and over the Afono Pass for an up close look at Rainmaker Mountain and a breathtaking view of Pago Pago harbor. We'll then descend into the National Park to see the awesome Pola Island. We visit the Flower Pot Rock and finish up at SPW on Utulei beach - free local food & refreshments and WiFi!!
Aunu'u Island Adventure
One of the best kept secrets in all of American Samoa is Aunu'u. After a short 15-minute boatride on a local fishing boat (or alia) across the channel, we begin our hike on foot. You will see incredible shorelines, lush tropical rainforest, taro plantations, freshwater crater, quicksand and more. Aunu'u Island is a National Natural Monument and sanctuary.
Manu'a consists of three main islands: Taʻu, Ofu and Olosega and is a 35 minute plane ride away from the main island of Tutuila. Samoan oral historical traditions state that Manu'a was a ruling center of a large Polynesian empire which included all of the Samoan archipelago and other nearby islands such as Tonga and Fiji and the birthplace of Polynesia. Today, Manu'a remains an unspoiled paradise and anyone looking for a true 'off the beaten path' adventure is in for a treat!
Pola Island Hike
This excellent hike begins at the Tuafanua trailhead in the village of Vatia, one of our National Park villages. We will hike up switchbacks through our lush, tropical rainforest to a hidden coastline. At the ridge-top, you will enjoy ocean views before a steep descent on several ladders with ropes to a quiet, rocky beach. We'll then hike up the coastline to get an up-close view of Pola Island, one of American Samoa's national natural landmarks.
WWII Heritage Trail Hike
This hike begins at Blunt's Point and ends at the historic aerial tramway site. We hike the ridge making our way past several WWII sites, ancient Samoan artifacts, and beautiful flora & fauna. The trail includes switchbacks to make it up the steep parts of the mountain and ropes to guide us back down.
View from atop Mt. Alava
This hike is one of the more difficult hikes on island, but the pay-off at the top of Mt. Alava is worth it! This hike begins at the trailhead at Fagasa Pass and takes you along ridgelines with views of the north and central parts of Tutuila.
Enjoy hiking through a tropical Samoan rain forest with fruit bats and many types of birds. This hike is in the National Park of American Samoa.
Pago Harbor Outrigger Canoe Tour
Touring the world famous Pago Pago harbor by outrigger canoe is the only way to go! The tour begins at Utulei Beach and heads straight out of the mouth of the harbor. From there, you can see the island of Aunu'u to the east. You will also be able to see the breathtaking views of Rainmaker and Matafao mountains. Your steersman will then bring you back into the harbor, taking you past towering Mt. Pioa and all the way into the village of Pago Pago.
Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctur
After a short hike down to the beach, we are rewarded with a secluded beach and bay. Fagatele Bay is a vibrant tropical reef marine ecosystem, filled with all sorts of brightly colored tropical fish, including parrot fish, damselfish and butterfly fish, as well as other sea creatures like lobster, crabs, sharks and octopus.
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NOTE:  We reserve the right to make changes to any or all tours on the account of weather or other factors that may impact the safety of our guests and tour guides.

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