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Ofu, a world away no more?

Ofu, American Samoa

Ofu island has long been the most popular destination for most vacationers who make the long-distance trek to the South Pacific to visit American Samoa. Ofu is part of the Manu'a island group - which is part of American Samoa- and is home to one unit of the National Park of American Samoa and one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Aside from the sheer beauty of the beach, the crystal clear ocean, and thriving coral reef, the fact that you are almost always the only one on the beach is part of the appeal! But getting to Ofu has always seemed to be near to impossible due to air transportation challenges. That may all change though as Samoa Airways, the only airline currently servicing this remote island, has added a second weekly flight to Ofu. The new schedule has the first weekly flight departing Pago Pago at 10:45am on Tuesday and the second flight at 8:45am on Thursday.  Samoa Airways still operates four weekly flights to the neighboring island of Ta'u (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) so alternatively travelers can also take the 2-hour boat ride across the channel between Ofu to Ta'u if needed. We will be watching to see how things develop in Ofu, but one thing is for sure, paradise just inched a little bit closer and you must now ask your self "When will I Ofu?". To book your dream trip to paradise email us at today.

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